Eelco_KuijpersEelco Kuijpers (MSc) studied Biomedical Sciences in Nijmegen, the Netherlands (Radboud University) with the master Occupational and Environmental Health. After this study Eelco started working as a research scientist in 2012 at the department of Risk Analysis for Products in Development at TNO. His main fields of interest are exposure assessment in epidemiology and exposure assessment for risk assessment. He has knowledge in literature reviewing, measuring and assessing (occupational) exposure. He has 6 publications in the areas of risk assessment, occupational exposure assessment and epidemiology.

Together with his work at TNO, Eelco started a (part time) PhD in 2016 focusing on the health risks of (Multi-walled) carbon nanotubes.

PhD Project: Health risks associated with MWCNT exposure

Key Words: MWCNT, exposure, cardiovascular health effects, release.

PhD Project Abstract: The Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube (MWCNT) industry is growing due to the profitable thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of the material. Concerns have been raised about (human) health risks associated with MWCNT exposure. Within this PhD the focus is on the potential release scenarios, exposures during mainly occupational scenarios and the health risks based on a cross-sectional biomarker study for cardiovascular effects.