SUN hosts NSC Training Subgroup 1st Meeting

The SUN project has successfully hosted the first NanoSafety Cluster Training Subgroup Meeting on 13 August 2015. Here is a short summary of the discussion:

The NSC Training Subgroup meeting was an excellent start for discussion among NSC project Coordinators and Training and Dissemination Work Package Leaders.

The main points discussed during the meeting:

  • Identification of all contact persons for training activities in each projects is still missing.
  • There is a need of PTA colleagues to “motivate” more projects to contribute.

Actions to be taken in order to further engage NSC projects:

  • Require direct input from the projects and identify their contact persons for training and document their training activities (courses, schools, PhD theses, etc.) through the means of a joint form
  • Circulation of the summary of the 1st NSC Training Subgroup meeting;
  • Present the group, explain the objectives and require direct input from the projects and during the NSC Meeting in Paris.

Future actions:

  • After collecting full contact list of projects, the actual coordination process will start.
  • Bimonthly meetings among NSC Training Subgroup Core members

Problems and Suggestions:

An issue that we are facing is that many projects do not have appointed contact persons for training. In order to avoid this in the future projects contact persons should be specified and person months for training should be granted. Requirements regarding the training activities and their management could be specified in the call texts as this would most effectively ensure their specification in the projects, which would facilitate their coordination.

If you are interested in joining this subgroup, please contact NSC Training Subgroup coordinators:

Danail Hristozov (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) and Judith Friesl (The REACH Centre) at