WP1 compiles the available data on the SUN case studies in the literature and other projects. This will be used to construct and maintain the project database, focus experimental research and acquire data for validation of the tools developed in in SUN. WP1 is responsible for acquiring and distributing pristine nanomaterials and nanoproducts for (eco)toxicological testing and release experiments. WP1 will characterize pristine nanomaterials for (eco)toxicological testing and fate modelling, as well as manufactured nanomaterials  in biological samples. These physico-chemical data will be used for Risk Assessment in Theme 2.

SUN Case Studies 

Nanomaterial Product Sector
Tungsten Carbide-Cobalt Sintered wear resistant ceramics Tools
Copper Oxide Antimicrobial wood coating Construction
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Anti-fouling coatingsLightweight, conductive plastics Transportation  and energy
Silica Food additives Food
Titanium dioxide Self-cleaning coatings for ceramic tiles Construction
Organic red pigment Coloured plastic composites Transportation and Consumer equipment
Silver Antibacterial polymer fibres in woven or non-woven textiles Textiles