SUNDS – The Sustainable Nanotechnologies Project Decision Support System

Decision support system for risk management of engineered nanomaterials and nano-enabled products

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About: SUNDS is a cloud-based nano-product sustainability assessment Decision Support System. SUNDS allows supporting decisions on assessment & management of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products along with their lifecycles in industry, regulatory bodies and insurance companies. It applies a two tiers approach which, on the basis of the supplied information, is able to generate qualitative or quantitative results. Moreover, a certification standard questionnaire is present which is based on the CENARIOS® certification standard by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH. The first assessment tier is based on the LICARA Nanoscan method which supports SMEs in assessing benefits and risks associated with new or existing nanoproducts. The second assessment tier, based on an adaptation of the authorisation process currently in operation within the EU REACH regulation, allows to apply Risk control (RC), demonstrating adequate control of risk due to a substance’s use, and Socio-economic Assessment (SEA), demonstrating that benefits of using the substance significantly outweigh societal costs. SEA analyses are based on the triple bottom line approach, which comprises the environmental, economic, and societal ‘pillars’.